About Pacific Scales

Pacific scales was established in 1984 in Tasmania, Australia to manufacture replacement load cells for lodec and S.I. weighing systems in the logging industry.

A complete 2 channel system was offered to customers in 1986, with the added option of a cordless hand held remote display (a world first).

In 1989 our “Tone Link” 2 wire system became standard in all 2, 3 and 4 channel weighing systems.

In the last 25 years the Australian trucking industry has become much more advanced than its American counterpart, with much heavier axle loadings and multiple combination vehicles.

In 1990 Pacific Scales developed a heavy duty logging load cell as it had become apparent that the imported units were no longer able to handle Australian operating conditions reliably.

1992 saw the introduction of a range of shear beam load cells to compliment our bending beam load cells. Air scales were offered to operators in 1996. Combination air scales/bending beam/shear beam load cells are standard at Pacific Scales.

Recently Pacific Scales has developed a heavy duty 5th wheel load cell more suited to the multiple combination vehicles now common on our roads, this load cell will come into it’s own with the likely introduction of B triples in the near future.

We continue to offer service, parts and advise for all brands of on board scale systems including Elphinstone, Tramanco, Vulcan and Loadman.

Pacific Scales is the only supplier of on board truck scale systems who’s complete product range is locally manufactured, giving us the ability to react quickly to changes in the transport industry. Our factory is located at Sorell, 30Km from Hobart (on the way to Port Arthur). Visitors are always welcome.

Our scales systems are simple to install, operate and service.